Strategic Soil Management for Plant Performance

We find solutions to your problems - Field Systems focus on understanding your current production system and then effectively implement strategies to incrementally increase productivity and profitability across managed landscapes. The basis of what we do follows the strategy of ‘assessment, diagnosis, recommendation, education and action’.  We utilise the combination of in-field assessment along with laboratory analytical data to diagnose and develop the best recommendations for soil management decisions that work. Farmers and other land managers look to us to help make important and well defined decisions to improve their soil performance.


Our services

  • Soil & Plant Productivity Management

    Develop soil management strategies to improve soil fertility and the associated plant and animal productivity. Link soil information to Precision Ag mapping

  • Data to Decision making

    Do you have soil, yield, EM, topography data that you aren’t utilizing? Speak to us about getting actionable insights from all your data! Turn your maps in to money




  • Soil Assessment

    In-field assessment of all soil types in all production systems - Soil Pits to Soil Cores to Soil Sensors. 

  • Education and extension

    We provide field education to agronomist, advisors and farming groups to further develop their management systems to engineer soil performance.