Field Systems -  Strategic Soil Management

Field Systems is a soil advisory company that specialises in soil management strategies for all farm production systems. We design and engineer soil advice and effective management strategies to advise land managers in making decisions to improve their soil and crop performance.

We specialise in in-field soil diagnosis of soil constraints and link the specific soil performance issues to management plans for improving plant performance. 

Field Systems key focus is to understand your farming systems and then effectively integrate short term and long term soil management strategies that complement your current production system.

Field Systems established the term ‘Soil Use Efficiency’ to describe how we approach soil management in agricultural production. By understanding how effectively each soil type is being utilised we can then focus on where the inefficiencies are occurring and focus on managing those key issues first.

We work with our clients to deliver improved productivity and profitability from soils on a resilient and sustainable basis.

Field Systems is the leader in the field of developing strategic soil management strategies for all farm production systems.